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What We Do
Learn what sets us apart from our competitors.
Recruitment Consulting
We know that finding the right person for a vacant role in your organisation isn't easy. We have been helping companies do it for 10 years; leverage our experience to achieve positive outcomes from your recruitment function.
Reference Checking
Reference checking is the #1 step in the recruitment process that can be effected by bias. Use our specialists to ensure you get a completely impartial assessment of candidates you're considering for your organisation.
Resume Writing
Our Resume / LinkedIn writing specialist will ensure that your resume and LinkedIn profile do the best job they can at highlighting all of the skills, qualities and experience you can bring to your next employer.
Recruitment Coaching
Our Recruitment Coaching will not only leave you with a filled position, it will also leave someone in your business fully trained on how to recruit for your business' future requirements, and all of the tools and resources to do so.
Exit Interviews
Sometimes the most valuable information you can get on your business is from a departing employee - we can help you gather that information in a open and honest communication forum.
Career Coaching
With over 20 year's experience working directly with individuals, our dedicated Career Coach can help you take the time to review your career, and ensure you're heading in the right direction.

It has always puzzled us that every recruitment agency will tell you they are different, then offer you EXACTLY the same process as every one of their competitors.

We have enough experience in recruiting people to know, for example, what makes a good BDM for one company may not work at all for another. Personalities, cultures, character traits and motivations all vary from company to company and person to person.

Because of this, we work with clients who thoroughly engage with us, giving us all of the information we need to do the job right, the first time. This partnership based approach allows us to carefully align not only the skills required in the role, but also ensure that the culture and personality fit are equally aligned between organisation and candidate.

We access a wide variety of candidate sources, and spend the time to not only get a clear picture of their skills, abilities and experience, but also to learn about where they see their career heading; the longevity of a team member in a role depends as much on the role and company, as what they bring to the role.

What we DON’T do


We don’t run our business by KPIs

Our consultants aren’t driven by Managers ticking off KPIs. So we won’t be sending you resumes just to hit a certain number, or organising interviews with candidates we don’t think are right, just to hit a target. That’s simply not how recruitment should be done. Everything we do contributes to our goal of building long-term , beneficial relationships with clients.

We don’t ‘tick & flick’ resumes

Because we don’t race against other agencies, we don’t have to make speed our top priority. This allows us to take the time to explore multiple candidate sources, and ensure that the candidates you see from represent the BEST skill and culture fit we can find, rather than the first few applicants to respond to the posted position.

We don’t use software or algorithms to assess candidates

Alarmingly, many companies are now using purpose built software programmes to assess candidates. This not only fails to do what a company pays a recruiter to do, it also risks missing out on quality talent, and is highly inconsiderate to a candidate. Recruitment is a person-to-person business, and that’s exactly how we do it.