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Probably not, right?

If you think about it, the recruitment process is a lot like dating. In essence, there are 2 parties, both want an outcome, so they get involved with someone to see if there is a good fit. More often than not, at some point, one of the 2 parties decides that the fit isn’t quite right and the 2 go their separate ways (hopefully, but not always, amicably).

When you are recruiting staff, you are half of the ‘dating’ relationship. And whenever 2 people are dating, they are generally doing everything they can to impress the other person. When one party thinks they hold the upper hand, and don’t have to work as hard, that’s generally when the relationship heads South.

The point is, if you’re a hiring company, you are NOT the only one assessing if the fit is right. Just like you have the opportunity to go on many ‘dates’ with your candidate, they equally have to the right to assess you at every stage in the process (and they should). They are trying to make themselves look amazing to you, and rest assured you need to do the same to them. As the talent shortage intensifies, it will be the companies that understand this that will succeed in their search for great people to add value to their organisations.

If you go on a few ‘dates’ with a candidate, and then they break up with you… there’s no point automatically blaming the candidate (or the recruiter). It’s not always their fault. Have a look at your entire interaction with the candidate, and try to establish if you did something that put them off. It may not always be fun to think about, but then neither is getting dumped by someone you like. If you know what you may have done wrong, you can hopefully avoid doing it next time.

If you find yourself regularly getting ‘dumped’ by the candidates you want, let’s have a chat about your dating process – fixing it up may be easier than you think.

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