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We are a full-service recruitment consultancy, assisting our clients to achieve positive outcomes from their recruitment function. For some clients this involves managing the recruitment process from start to finish, sometimes we only do part of their process, and in some cases we train clients to actually do their own recruitment better. The one thing that remains constant, is that our primary focus is on helping clients to find the key people that they need in the most efficient way possible. Whether that is via traditional recruitment as a service, or via entirely different means is not important to us. The end result of having happy, successful, productive and engaged employees in their business is what matters the most.
What do we do?
Recruitment Consulting
We know that finding the right person for a vacant role in your organisation isn't easy. We have been helping companies do it for 10 years; leverage our experience to achieve positive outcomes from your recruitment function.
Reference Checking
Reference checking is the #1 step in the recruitment process that can be effected by bias. Use our specialists to ensure you get a completely impartial assessment of candidates you're considering for your organisation.
Resume Writing
Our Resume / LinkedIn writing specialist will ensure that your resume and LinkedIn profile do the best job they can at highlighting all of the skills, qualities and experience you can bring to your next employer.
Recruitment Coaching
Our Recruitment Coaching will not only leave you with a filled position, it will also leave someone in your business fully trained on how to recruit for your business' future requirements, and all of the tools and resources to do so.
Exit Interviews
Sometimes the most valuable information you can get on your business is from a departing employee - we can help you gather that information in a open and honest communication forum.
Career Coaching
With over 20 year's experience working directly with individuals, our dedicated Career Coach can help you take the time to review your career, and ensure you're heading in the right direction.
What do our Clients and Candidates say about us?

Steve Garland

- Sales Manager - XO2

“Working with Deon and TPC Talent has resulted in a fantastic placement for XO2. It was exceptional to work with Deon who made sure he understood our company, culture and direction which is so important in the recruitment process. We will be using TPC Talent for all our future recruitment needs and I cannot recommend Deon highly enough!”

Steve Taitoko

- CEO Asia Pacific, Africa & China - Magic Memories

“Deon and I have collaborated on a number of assignments, as well as working with each other to scope market sectors that we could combine resources and provide services into. Deon has an exceptional personal manner that makes finding solutions and solving problems very easy. The outcome always defines the success and to date we have had some great wins for everyone involved. I can highly recommend Deon.”

Paul Goodrick

- Service Manager - Berwicks Office Technology

"Deon is extremely professional and focused on delivering quality candidates to his clients. I have found Deon a pleasure and easy to work with, given his knowledge and understanding of our industry and what is required in order to deliver our required outcomes."

Jamie Draper

- Sales Manager - Lester Associates

"I worked with Deon to find a new position. I found him to be both very honest and forthright in all our dealings. He also obviously knows his industry extremely well. I would certainly not hesitate to and look forward to working with him again in the future."